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Intuitive Birth Class

If you’d like a natural birth, this is the ideal class for you! In addition to increased emotional security regarding birth, Intuitive Birth students are 68% less likely to have a cesarean than the average mother. 70% of Intuitive Birth students who give birth vaginally do so with no pain medication.

Below is class-by-class content for our multi-week group format classes. Virtual and private classes may also be available. For more check out our FAQ. (link to

Nurturing Your Baby & Yourself: Nutrition & Exercise for Pregnancy
Specific information on how to stay healthy and low risk, as well as some basic information about breastfeeding.

Reframing Your Birth Concepts
Learn about the many things you can do during pregnancy to positively affect your birth experience.  Begin to examine your beliefs about labor and birth, setting yourself on the path towards a comfortable, fearless birth.

Your Birth Begins
Physiology of the first stage of labor, including what your body and baby are doing during this time, how fear impacts labor, and how to stay comfortable without medications.

The Journey Continues: Active Labor & Transition
A wide variety of comfort measures for the most challenging part of labor, including positioning, massage, relaxation, and more.

Second Stage & Birth
There are many ways to give birth to your baby.  Learn about positions, comfort, and why the first hours after your baby’s birth are so important. Begin to practice these with our first in-class labor rehearsal.

Off the Beaten Path
Learn how to make your birth experience a positive one, no matter what path your labor takes.  Explore potential complications (including how to differentiate between complications and variations of normal) and learn about cesarean sections, including how best to avoid having one.

Creating Your Birth
Learn how to evaluate the nearly endless options that are available to you during your labor and birth, and the merits of “birth planning.”  Determine your own top priorities for your birth, and how to translate those into an effective birth plan.

Putting it All Together
Put into practice the many techniques you’ve learned so far with a second in-class labor rehearsal, as well as a review of the stages of labor and an in-depth discussion of comfort measures.

Intuitive Birth Weekend Workshop Class

Maybe you’d like a natural birth, but you waited too long to take a class that lasts several weeks, or you and your partner have too many scheduling conflicts.  This workshop is perfect for you!  Spend two full days immersed in birth knowledge, practice, and preparation.  The material covered is similar to our Intuitive Birth class.

Preparing for Your Birth Class

This 6-hour class is ideal for women who’d like a short childbirth class with unbiased information about giving birth.  Class begins with a discussion of how to stay healthy and low-risk during the remainder of your pregnancy.  You’ll learn about the stages of labor, what’s happening with your body and baby during labor and birth, and the different options available to you for handling the intense sensations of labor.  You’ll learn how to evaluate information about procedures you may be offered, and how to make a birth plan.

Circumcision Decision

In the past, parents usually circumcised by default.  But like most things related to our children’s health, circumcision is optional.  Learn what, exactly, happens during a circumcision, common myths surrounding the procedure, risks and benefits of the surgery, and how to care for a baby who is not circumcised.


The pricing of classes are as follows:

Intuitive Birth –
Group Class: $325 per couple (Add to Cart)
Private: $425/couple (Add to Cart)

Intuitive Birth Weekend Workshop –
Group Class: $375 per couple (Add to Cart)
Private: $475/couple (Add to Cart)

Preparing for Your Birth –
Group Class: $125 per couple (Add to Cart)
Private: $200 per couple (Add to Cart)

The Circumcision Decision –
Group Classes: Free (Add to Cart)
Private Class: Free (Add to Cart)

**Call to enquire about scheduling a private class if the classes available in our calendar do not fit your needs. 678-769-6139**